GIFMIS Financial



The Ghana Integrated   Financial  Information  Management System (GIFMIS) is based on Oracle E Business Suite R12.1.3 version with major financial modules as below.

• Purchasing - for Purchase Requisition, PO, SRA 

• Accounts Payable - for logging Invoices/ PVs, creating accounting and tracking liabilities, including multi-year commitments. 

• Cash Management- Managing Bank Account, Bank Transfer, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Pooling and  cash forecasting, etc. 

• General Ledger- Repository of all accounts 

• Accounts Receivable- for tracking revenue 

• Fixed Assets register-for tracking assets  

Scope of GIFMIS 

1. Institutional Scope

•GIFMIS to be deployed to all Ministries,Departments and Agencies(MDAs)  and Metropolitan,Municipal and  District Assemblies(MMDAs) 

2. Funds to be covered by GIFMIS  

•Consolidated Fund 

•Donor Funds 

•Statutory Funds 


•Any other public funds 


3. Systems Integrate/Interface with: 

•Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) 

•Payroll & HuRMIS (PSC) 


•E-Monitor  (Non-Tax Revenue- MoF) 



•T-24& SWIFT (BoG)  

•E-Procurement (Public Procurement Authority




1.Procure to Pay (P2P) Rollout

As at 30 April, all the 33 MDAs and the 10 Regional Treasuries are using P2P for the consolidated fund. 


2.Network Connectivity to Outstanding Spending Units (SU s) in Accra:

As at April 30 2014, there are 230 identified SUs in Accra. Out of this, 189 have been connected (82%). The balance left to be connected is 41 SUs (which are using TPCs to process their transactions). Network connectivity has been extended to 72 headquarters SUs that are using the TPCs, since the last Mission of Oct to Nov 2013.


3. Payroll upgrade and integration

This  was completed and went live in Jan 2014.  Post Production Support completed. April 2014 payroll run completed on the R12 instance.


4. SWIFT and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Bank Reconciliation Swift.

EFT & SWIFT went live in all MDAs  in Oct 2013 and in all the 10 Regional Treasuries in Dec 2013.EFT is running at all MDAs and the Regional Treasuries but without automatic reconciliation.


5. Implement Business Continuity Plan (BCP) including Disaster Recovery (DR).

The Technical Team has initiated the work on implementing the recommendations of the BCP Report. Final list of infrastructure requirements  was prepared and  it is currently being reviewed


6.TRIPS and GCMS:  

TRIPS: Number of discussions was held between GIFMIS Technical Team and Commercial Banks and updates were done. Sample file tested and the feedback sent to TRIPS Team. TRIPS has sent the file to GIFMIS through File transfer Protocol (FTP) server.


7. Ghana Customs Management System (GCMS):

BoG has provided a test instance for their Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer of GCMS collections. Testing has been done, linkages have been established, and the 2 systems are exchanging files. 

8. Accounts Receivable 

 ‘Revenue through Account Receivable went live in GRA at the end of Feb 2014.


9. Bringing on board in GIFMIS other public  funds 

• Internally Generated Funds (IGF): Substantial progress has been made. pilot MDAs – MoH and MoE  - went live (expost basis) on March 24 2014 

• Donor Funds: Ministry of Finance and GIFMIS have been selected as pilots to implement GIFMIS Project on ex-ante basis.


10. Fixed Assets on board GIFMIS

Substantial progress has been made. Inventory of property, plant & equipment has been completed for the 5 pilot MDAs. Information gathering meetings were conducted with the 5 pilot MDAs from Jan 31 to Feb 15 2014 and 10 additional MDAs in April 2014