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CAP 30 Pensioners Head Count Announcement


The Government of Ghana is updating the database of all Government (CAP 30) Pensioners on the National Pensions Payroll System.

Biometric Validation of all Pensioners will therefore be conducted by a team of personnel from Controller and Accountant-General’s Department and Ministry of Finance, in the following five (5) Regions: Greater Accra, Volta, Eastern, Central and Western.




The exercise will start from 20th June, 2016 in Greater Accra Region at the various designated centres attached.

Please NOTE that the remaining 4 Regions of the southern sector namely Volta, Eastern, Central and Western Regions will commence on the 27th June, 2016. Their designated centres as indicated below.

Date and venue for the remaining five Regions (Upper East and Upper West Regions, Northern, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions will be announced in due course.

Pensioners must bring along the following information for identification:

1.    Ministry of Finance Biometric print out (issued during the biometric registration of pensioners.)
2.    Pension Identity Card (if any)
3.    National Photo ID (Ghanaian Passport, Drivers License, National Identification Card, National Health Insurance Card and Voter ID Card).

4.    For Dependants, birth certificate or any document showing evidence of Date of Birth
All pensioners on the National Pensions Payroll System are to take note and comply with the directives and endeavor to avail themselves for the exercise.

For further information, contact these telephone Nos. 0554215400/0541757848/0570224803.

NOTE: For the benefit of Ghanaian Pensioners abroad, they should register online by accessing CAGD website. ,download form attached to the CAP 30 information about the head count below from the same site, fill and submit completed form to respective embassies for endorsement with a recent passport size picture.




PRESS RELEASE: Validation Of Salaries Through The E-SPV System

The Controller and Accountant General (CAG) wishes to inform Heads of MDAs/MMDAs and employees that the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) system has been rolled out in eight (8) regions namely, Greater Accra, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West, Central, Western and Northern Regions.

Employees in these regions would now be paid by the CAGD only after both Heads of Management Units and Human Resource (HR) officers defined on the E-SPV system validate the salaries of employees for the month. If Heads of Management Units and HR officers do not validate the salaries of employees working under those Management Units the employees would not be paid by the system.

The validation of salaries by Heads of Management Units is a requirement for payment of salaries under Regulation 304 of the Financial Administration Regulation, 2004 (LI 1803).

The CAG wishes to urge Heads of Departments in these regions to take keen interest in the validation process and ensure that Heads of Management Units and the HR officers validate the salaries for every month.

Employees who may not receive their salary as a result of non-validation of their salaries by Heads of Management Units and HR officers would be paid the following month after the Heads of Management Units and HR officers validate the salaries.

It has been decided that the CAGD will publish the list of Management Units whose employees’ salaries were not paid because of non-validation by the heads of Management Units and HR officers on the CAGD website at .

Heads of Departments and employees are encouraged to visit the CAGD website in case they have issues with non-validation of their salaries for more details.




Please click here for the list of Management Units whose employees’ salaries were not paid in March

GIFMIS/IPPD2 Shutdown For Migration On To The RAC Platform

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) wishes to inform MDAs and MMDAs and in particular GIFMIS/IPPD2 users that the system will be shut down temporarily to enable the Department migrate to the Real Applications Cluster (RAC) platform.

The period of the shutdown is from 24th August to 1st September, 2014 and during this period the system will not be available for ordinary business.

It would be recalled that the GIFMIS Financial module was integrated with the Government payroll system (IPPD2) to achieve budgetary control over payroll cost and allow seamless posting of Payroll data into the GIFMIS General Ledger for effective reporting.

The next step in the process of enhancing system availability and performance for both Oracle Financials and IPPD2 users is to migrate the Integrated Application to a Real Applications Cluster (RAC) platform.

MDAs and affected MMDAs are entreated to utilise the available period between now and 24th August to complete processing of all GIFMIS/IPPD2 transactions on the system. The GIFMIS Project Secretariat is available to assist if there are any challenges.

The Department regrets any inconvenience caused by the shutdown.

For further information, please contact the GIFMIS Service Desk on 0302963915 or 0302963913 or 0302999736. You may also visit our website on for more information



Update Of Bank Accounts On The Mechanized Payroll

The   Controller    and   Accountant     General’s    Department    (CAGD)    wishes    to   inform employees     who     receive     salary     through     the    mechanized      payroll,     Heads     of MDAs/MMDAs,      and   the   general   public   about   an  exercise   to   stop   the   salaries   of employees  who  do  not  have  bank  account  numbers   in the  CAGD  payroll   system.


This announcement    was   posted   several   times   on  the  pays lips  of  the   affected   employees requesting   them  to  provide   update  on  their  bank  accounts   to  facilitate   the  payment   of salaries  by the banks.  However,   after the deadline  for the submission   of this  information on 30th  June 2014,  only few employees  have complied  with the directive.

In light of the above,  CAGD  has begun  an exercise  to stop the salaries  of employees  who failed to supply their  bank  account  details  in line with Regulation  298 (3) of the Financial Administration    Regulation,   2004  (LI  1802).  The  stoppage   of  salaries  will  be  done  in phases   beginning   with   Dodowa   District   in  the  month   of  July  2014.   The  salaries  of affected  staff  can only  be restored  after  a written  authority  by a Head  of department  and certification  of employment   and bank  accounts  details  by the Audit  Service  at the district level.

The Department   wishes  to urge  employees   to furnish  the  Personnel   Processing   Sections (PPSs)  of  their   sector  Ministries   with  their  bank  account   details   for  verification   and update on the system.

Heads    of  MDAs/MMDAs      and   employees    may   contact   the   Head   of  Payroll   at  the Treasury  Headquarters   in Accra,  the Regional  Directorates   of the  CAGD  or the District, Municipal    and  Metropolitan    Finance   offices   for  assistance   or  call  telephone   number
0302678801  or visit the CAGD  website  on for more information.